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Perpetubaby (Evil Baby Clone of the Feculent Zone)

The world of Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse is one of wonders. Like Perpetubabies, which make you wonder which Dark God was having a bad day when it made these things. Or a corporation. It was probably a corporation.

Think babies are creepy? Even evil? You’re not alone—every single thinking person on the planet dreads these horrible beasts. Humanity’s only solace is that babies are slow, and the smell provides a built-in early warning system.

None of that applies to Perpetubabies, though. These vicious clones are forever locked into the bodies of cuddly infants, and they waddle adorably through life in sexless, unchanging bodies. They are not happy about it. You probably wouldn’t be either, but that’s not the important part. That would be the part about them being heavily armed and congregating in large, well-organized gangs.

Bandits and mobsters all: the Shank Syndicate, the Unbloomed, the Rapscallions of Natality, and—worst of all—the Little Shavers, whose signature pork pie hats strike terror into the more fully developed of the Feculent Zone’s rabble. Dealing with these precious little abominations is all in a day’s work for the Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse

It’s cute until the stabby-stabby starts.

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