Know Your Bastards: Super Patriot Boy
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Know Your Bastards: Super Patriot Boy

Super Patriot Boy is the most loyal, most earnest, most genuine of the Bastards. Also the dumbest, obviously, but he holds the fate of the universe in his ugly little head.

In our childhoods, many of us imagined having a friend with whom we could share our deepest secrets. Super Patriot Boy is not that friend. He’s terribly indiscreet, and he’ll use your failings against you. But many of us also imagined having a vacant-eyed, uncanny clone servant, and Super fits that like a semi-immortal glove.

When he’s not sweeping the floors or emptying the Ch’uud traps, Super is the playful rascal of the Bastards. You might find him in the Grotto munching on a pine cone. Or perhaps you’ll witness him in the Grotto, lying on the couch and watching TV. Or bechance to behold Super absently yet insistently caressing his bald scalp in the Grotto. What a treat.

He’s got a vague and weird thing about some long-vaporized country or another, but his Grotto-mates don’t mind. As long as Super keeps his nose clean—which helps him detect nutritious garbage and plague shamblers—Flapman and Gibson will mostly ignore him between beatings.

Can Super Patriot Boy, carrier of the fabled Plissken chromosome, somehow save the universe and find the luxuriant head of hair he’s convinced himself that he deserves?

Find out in Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse.

The Dread Overloards pronounce Super Patriot Boy’s doom via Skype

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