Oh, 2020--you rascal
Short Fiction Summer Reading Torgo Writes

Perfect Summer Reading for 2020 (i.e., weird)

Not that 2020 needs it, but get some weirdness in your summer reading, Free weirdness. Which is the best kind.

Is any year more apocalyptic than 2020? Besides 2034, I mean (which is gonna be really apocalyptic–hope y’all are stockpiling that SPF 1.2M sunscreen…). Anyhoo, Pandemic Summer is here, and we all need some solid reading material, or else its Bob Ross on loop until 2021.

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Summer reading in a year like this needs to be weird. And better yet, it needs to funny-weird. So if you are getting tired of reading the label on your organic hand-sanitizer, check out this pack of free horror, paranormal, sci-fi, and dystopian fiction!

Enjoy 35 new voices that will make you laugh as they probes your soft, quarantined body, including yours truly. It’s all available FREE right here at StoryOrigin!

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