Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse Drops!
Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse

The Bastards Drop!

The Bastards have dropped like a hit of vintage, Soviet-bloc acid, and it's going to be a long, strange trip.

Oh, sweet, sweet day of destiny! At last, the Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse are unleashed upon the sleeping, oblivious world. Wreak thy wrath upon literacy and taste. Smash the infernal chains of prescriptive geekery and don the new, much better chains of managed expectations!

You are the He Who Vapes. The Be-Fuzzykinned One. The Buttery Lament of the Grotto. The Three-in-one-and-done. The Triple Dripple, the Triune Goons of Doom, and many other thricely themed things. Burst forth upon benighted people as with a spray of blood and a screeching xenomorph. Rain down destruction and Kaiju and magic and body horror and profanity and violence. So much profanity and violence.

Yes. Like that.

Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse is also available on Apple Books, B&N, and Kobo!

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