Know Your Bastards: Gibson
Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse

Know Your Bastards: Gibson

Gibson Taylor is not your average nerd. He's a spectacular nerd who rates an average of 98.3 on the Milhouse scale.

It’s not what you know. It’s what you make other people believe you know. It’s also what insecurities you’ve cultivated in those other people who think you know stuff by virtue of how often and how loudly you assert what you want them to believe you know.

This is Gibson Taylor in a nutshell: a nerd. He’s the (loudly and oftenly) self-proclaimed brains of the Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse. This is a factual proclamation, as it happens, though the comparison to Super Patriot Boy and Flapman diminishes its power significantly.

Gibson is best known for his searingly yellow skinsuit, weird ocular implants, and feeble buttocks that provide optimal wedgie geometry. Also, lots of whining about how he’s been stranded from his own timeline and now has to live out his days dodging apocalypses. And TV in this universe is terrible. Simply terrible.

Maybe Gibson will find his way home someday, or maybe he is doomed to perish at the hands or pseudopods of this world’s horrors. In either case, we are sure to hear about it.

Know Your Bastards: Gibson
Gibson gives his latest scheme a positive rating. YMMV.

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