Potentate Imax glares dictatorially
Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse

Meet Yer Overloards: Potentate Imax

He’s both bloodless and bloodthirsty, despotic and decomposing, ultra-violent and highly reflective in the ultraviolet band: Potentate Imax, the Pale Pasha of Pain.

Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse takes pride in its personal approach to post-apocalyptic ennui. You deserve to know your oppressors intimately, so we’d like to take this opportunity to help you meet your Overloards!

Running a tyrannical dystopian society is a challenge for any despot, but life as a groveling nobody in the midst of apocalyptic misery is no picnic, except for the annual Picnic of Ultimate Submission, attendance at which is mandatory for all the Feculent Zone’s residents.

Today we profile Potentate Imax, Suprime Overloard in Charge of the Feculent Zone, the Bitter Gulches, and the Verboten Chasm. Though Potentate Imax may never know you as an individual, rest assured that you are a relevant statistic in his meticulous records of atrocities, crimes against humanity, etc.

And now, a list of notable characteristics and qualities of Potentate Imax.

Physical: Pale, extremely dehydrated (like a high-albedo raisin kind of dehydrated), skeletal. A skeleton, really, if you want to get right to brass tacks.

Emotional: The Pale Prince of Portentousness is an Aries through and through. Has an irrepressible sense of whimsy, however, particularly when planning a whimsical genocide. Other things—people, mostly—are easily repressible.

Ethical: Has a complex moral imagination that is at once terrifying and appalling. Takes no pleasure in killing as repetition has robbed it of its luster. Doesn’t really stop him, though. Hates all living things and most inanimate objects.

Wardrobal: Exclusively in black. Prefers elaborate silk robes, cloaks, capes, mantums, a few chasubles, and a variety of shoes and belts to tie it all together. Time has ceased to have meaning for one so ancient, so doesn’t typically wear a watch.

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