Insatiable Bastards of the Apocalypse
Associate Dean of the Future Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse

Sequel or Spinoff: CHOOSE WISELY

Ah, hell. No need to choose. Just download both of these free chapters and fill your head with images of apocalyptic ennui and/or dystopian academia.

We’ve been busy little drones here in the Infernal Rift’s writers’ room/kennel during the pandemic (which will surely end soon, right? RIGHT?). In addition to re-watching Ash vs. Evil Dead a few dozen times and completing each side mission in Assassin’s Creed: New Des Moines, we managed to put a few thousand words of dystopian fiction into the cloud.

Thus, we are happy to present previews for not one but TWO projects! First is the sequel to Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse, which proceeds under the working title, Insatiable Bastards of the Apocalypse. Super, Flapman, and Gibson are back at it, which means uncanny adventures, vaping, and some real weird shit happening on Earth Omega. There will be new characters to love/despise, and there might even be some Perpetubabies!Who knows? (They’re short and easy to hide, so look under the bed and in the closet…).

But wait! There’s more! Specifically, a preview of Rabner Sinkey: Associate Dean of the Future, a new novel set in a version of the MBOTA universe(s). It’s a little different in tone, but we assure you: it’s weird, cuz we know you freaks like that kind of stuff. Plus, it’s got lots of sweet, sweet higher-ed administrative action, if you know what we mean* 😉

We’ve posted these previews for your perusal (for FREE, naturalamente), and we hope that they whet your collective appetites for the strange, the absurd, and the preposterous. Links at the bottom!

If you’re new to the MBOTA universe, please check out an excerpt from the original Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse—and maybe even pick up an eBook or lovely physical copy (with great artwork by Jeff Brown!) on Amazon.

*Filling out transcript adjustment forms, mostly

Download the previews in ePUB or MOBI (Kindle) formats.

Insatiable Bastards of the Apocalypse Preview

Rabner Sinkey: Associate Dean of the Future

Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse (original flavor)

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