About J.M. Torgo, Creator of Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse

Flapman's bag sits discarded amongst the Port-a-Potties
Kind of like finding the secret Port-a-Potty graveyard

The Infernal Rift is the creation of author J.M. Torgo, who takes primary responsibility for Magnificent Bastards of the Apocalypse, though not without the usual reservations about the sanctity of literature, etc.

J.M. was born and reared in America’s Heartland, which he blames for a lot. He has spent most of his adult life teaching English. This raises a number of questions that will probably be answered unconsciously in the novel. Those revelations will likely be uncomfortably specific and obvious to an outside observer, so don’t hesitate to contact the author with any insights.

In his free time, J.M. enjoys watching movies, most of which have titles like Frankenboar and Futurecop II: Slade’s Reckoning, which gives me an idea for a novel. Or maybe a novella in three parts.

He also has a family. An innocent, oblivious family.