J.M. Torgo’s Short Fiction of the Infernal Rift

Short fiction, science fiction, and short science. Because not every terrible idea needs to be a novel.

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They are nobodies: the colorful characters that drive the stories. The quirky, the bizarre, the terrifying, and the unsettling people that give film worlds their richness and power. They are small parts, but each of these strange entities exists within the rules and assumptions of their universes. They cling to the demands of genre while carving out a space in cultural memory.

Perhaps you even need them. How else to pull the uncanny into the light? Who other to peer under the bed?

The creepy hermit, warning all of death in the woods. The truck driver, fated to see horrors–and wonders. The chattel of dystopia, performing the drudgery of evil empires and dreaming of change.

They are the machinery of heroes and villains, of epics and of forgotten places. Listen to them.